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Tax Planning

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De Novo adopts a proactive approach to tax planning, catering to the needs of both small businesses and individuals. We recognize that effective tax management requires year-round consideration rather than just focusing on tax season. By staying vigilant about the latest tax updates, we constantly monitor changes in the tax code and identify fresh opportunities to help our clients optimize their tax savings.

For established business owners, we specialize in devising industry-specific tax planning techniques aimed at reducing liabilities and maximizing profitability. When it comes to new business owners, we carefully evaluate the most advantageous entity options for tax savings, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the appropriate structure during the incorporation process. Additionally, as our valued individual clients, we strive to minimize your tax obligations, ensuring that you retain a greater portion of your hard-earned income at the end of each year.

Our tax planning services for businesses and individuals include:

  • Strategic tax planning for businesses and individuals

  • Alternative minimum tax planning

  • Multi-state tax planning

  • Business succession planning

  • Tax planning for non-profit organizations

  • Budgeting

  • Personal financial statements

  • Retirement and wealth accumulation planning

  • College savings programs

  • Trust and estate planning

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