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Retirement Plans For Employers


Our firm can help business owners analyze the various employer-sponsored retirement plans available. Plan providers may be strong in one area, such as investments, but weak in others, such as plan design. We are experienced in designing, implementing, administering, and monitoring qualified retirement plans. 

We do not have product restrictions or enticements that lead us to recommend one platform over another. Whether you are a sole proprietor, partnership[, single-person S Corp, or employ 250 individuals, we provide objective advice for your company's needs.

Our retirement plan services include: 

  • Review your company's census, budget, and objectives to recommend which type of plan is best for your company and your employees. 

  • Review and compare the various vendors who will play a role in designing, implementing, and servicing your plan. 

  • Coordination among the various service providers. 

  • Assistance to employees who will play key roles in running the plan, such as those in your payroll department. 

  • Assistance and investment advice to plan participants. 

  • Investment fiduciary service to assist you in reducing your fiduciary liability. 

  • Assistance with year-end tasks such as employee census completion and review of Form 5500.

The new Secure 2.0 Act brings many changes to the retirement plan landscape, and we can help you understand how those changes will impact your company plan.

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