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Tax Preparation, Representation, Accounting, Retirement Plans & Financial Planning.

Live for today & prepare for tomorrow

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About Us

Welcome to DeNovo Advisors LLC. We are large enough to bring extensive experience to bear, but small enough to provide personal service.


We are a group of financial professionals with varied backgrounds bringing together our complementary skills to provide clients with well-rounded and resourceful advice and solutions to issues and opportunities that arise.

A Financial Planning Process That Is Simple, But Powerful

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De Novo adopts a proactive approach to tax planning, catering to the needs of both small businesses and individuals. We recognize that effective tax management requires year-round consideration rather than just focusing on tax season.

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Your personal financial decisions are driven by the things most important to you. You may be looking forward to a comfortable retirement. Consider considering purchasing a second home. How do you know you're making the right financial decisions that will lead you to your goals?

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Are you concerned about your financial future? You've worked hard, but are you sure that you will be able to maintain the lifestyle you want in retirement? We are here to help you understand complex financial matters and the impact today's decisions have on your financial future.


Our firm can help business owners analyze the various employer-sponsored retirement plans available. Plan providers may be strong in one area, such as investments, but weak in others, such as plan design.

Meet The Team

De Novo has over thirty-five years of experience in the financial industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze situations and provide practical alternatives for decision-making based on our professional and life experiences. We take a holistic approach to providing clients with coordinated financial guidance. 

In Meeting


Have you ever wondered how long the IRS has to question and assess additional tax on your tax returns?  It's typically three years with stipulations. The period is termed the statute of limitations, but wait – as in all things taxes, it is not that clean cut.

If you are behind on filing your returns and would like to get caught up, please give us a call to help you avoid additional penalties.

Client Reviews

Highly Recommended

"I sought out John's help when I was unable to manage the stock portion of our income.  I have a level of trust in John's knowledge and expertise that is beyond measure.  His honesty, reliability, kindness, and compassion are all qualities that keep me as a loyal client."

Bonnie M

Exceptional Service

"I have been a customer of John Hickey since tax time, 2014.  I own a small landscape company.  John was a recommendation because the firm doing my taxes did not do business taxes.  He has been honest and straightforward with me.  Does a great job in a timely manner for my wife and I."

Robert Q, Landscaping

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